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This is a comprehensive report enabling our clients to work through programmes to create the greatest level of social value and return on investment. Includes identification, measurement, forecasting and clear methodologies to execute.

Typically built from the foundation (findings) of the Social Value Assessment or Community Audit but can also be taken up as a standalone service. It is suitable for  a corporate entity or stand alone project/site.

Where relevant, we demonstrate the social value your activities have created against the obligated targets such as local employment, upskilling the local workforce and community involvement activities.


  • Fully integrated community engagement strategy;
  • Fully drafted community benefit statements;
  • Liaison with local authorities;
  • Partnerships with highly rated training providers;
  • Forecasting/modelling of shared value output.
  • Methodology to enhance existing or establish new initiatives;
  • Creation of a social value charter/policy;
  • Evidence of compliance in regard to S106.
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