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Community engagement has often been viewed as an obligation required to achieve a planning permission or simply as positive PR. At SeerBridge we consider it to be a lot more than that, with benefits for all parties involved to be utilised and maximised by taken a collaborative and inclusive approach to engaging with each other.

Our Community Consultation service provides clients with an in depth report on the social and economic issues that communities face. We prepare a robust local community analysis, which ensures that our clients fully understand who the key stakeholders are to engage with, how to develop a relationship with them and how to support their needs.


There has been a historical trend that has seen developers support communities financially during the design and construction phases of a development. We take a different view, rather than providing project-limited resources, we manage relationships between our clients, the community and local authorities, to utilise resources and skills to create more sustainable change that last throughout the lifetime of the asset not just one phase of the development.


  • Opens up communication with hard-to-reach community groups;
  • Connects the silent majority;
  • Specifically aimed at engaging young people into the consultation process.
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