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Social value comes in many different forms. Several organisations still do not understand what it is, how to create it and how to measure it.

We help clients understand the significance of current social value initiatives (conscious or otherwise), advocate the benefits of engaging with the existing communities and stakeholders, and support the new or emerging groups through partnership work.

This work is undertaken on existing corporate entities or specific site project(s). We investigate and report back to identify strengths and weaknesses regarding social value, undertake periodic monitoring, analyse how data is collected, identify gaps and recommend changes moving forward.

We also create a bespoke Social Value Statement that will become an integral part of the culture of your business. Through this we will embed the social, environmental and economical impacts that you create. As a result the impacts created will be the heart of your business and the communities you engage with.


  • A clear report which identifies gaps or possible improvements with regard to social value;
  • A social value statement for internal use. This is typically the starting point for our clients enabling cultural change and embedding social value within their business.
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