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Becoming a Trustee for The Care Pack

by Wesley Ankrah

Homelessness is and always will be so unnecessary. After working in Westminster for a few years, walking to and from Victoria Station, I’ve been normalised to seeing the same people day in day out begging for food and or money on a daily basis. I then read a story about someone from an area near where I grew up, one day leaving a nightclub on a Sunday morning in Victoria and then taking his time to talk and more importantly listen to a homeless person. That one conversation sparked the start of an outreach service that saw people donate food, clothing, equipment and money on a weekly basis, often seeing over 100 people per week looked after every Thursday night.

If he could do it, why couldn’t I? I’ve supported various homeless charities over the years and raised quite a bit of money for them, but last year I questioned whether I was raising enough money? For all the help the funds can support, when you know you are capable of doing more, then the answer is no. It wasn’t and last year an opportunity came my way which gave me a chance to change that.

Last year I had the chance to be involved in a really great project called The Care Pack – I was invited by founder Hootan Ahmadi who started the charity in 2017 out of the back of his car, creating and distributing 20 packs around London. Fast forward to 2019, Hootan managed to fundraise more money and was aiming for 350 bags, but needed more support on the fundraising and distribution side.

When he told me about The Care Pack it was something I knew I definitely wanted to be involved with. In my day-to-day world I get the chance to eat nice food, live in a warm house and experience things in life that I’m grateful and privileged to have, but like most people in in similar situations to myself, I do take it for granted at times.

After the successful The Care Pack appeal in December 2019, Hootan asked me to become a trustee of the charity and quite simply I couldn’t say no! The reason why being involved in such a great project as a trustee is important to me is the commitment.


I want to ensure we keep growing so we can deliver more care packs each year in the wintertime, to potentially providing an all-year service to those in need.

Ultimately, it is all about supporting and helping as many people as we possibly can who are experiencing troubles and difficulties in their lives. Christmas time is significant for The Care Pack, as during this period everyone is more open and giving but due to COVID-19 and restrictions that has made it much more difficult. Although there are several barriers, we are more determined than ever to ensure our services reach those who need a helping hand.

This year we are aiming high – reaching for a minimum of 650 packs but we are really hoping that we provide and distribute 800 packs. We have worked with a variety of different organisations last year and are looking to expand our outreach and include more organisations this year. We know that our packs will go a long way as we aim to provide essentials to ensure there is a certain level of comfort for these individuals through the harsh winter months like sleeping bags, ground mats, thermals, and other necessities. However, this year we have also decided to include COVID-19 secure items such as face masks and hand sanitisers to ensure that they are better protected.

COVID-19 will change our outlook on the world and how we help homeless people – I truly believe that by being a part of The Care Pack team we can evolve and help find a solution to make it better.

This can only be done with the support of others, so I encourage anyone from my network, mostly within the built environment, a sector that generates £110 billion annually and represents 7% of GDP, to get in touch and ask me how you or your business can get involved.

First step, if you would like to donate to this fantastic cause, please visit:

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