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Social value comes in many different forms. Several organisations still do not understand what it is, how to create it and how to measure it.

Our Social Value Audit is a great service for any business looking to get up to speed with all things social value. Presently, the Social Value Act is only now starting to become a requirement although it came into legislation in 2012.

We will review how your business operates to identify your current and potential social value outputs.

We will then map out a strategy for your business to consolidate, plan and evolve its social value framework throughout the business.

Finally we will create a bespoke Social Value Statement that will become an integral part of the culture of your business. Through this we will embed the social, environmental and economical impacts that you create. As a result the impacts created will be the heart of your business and the communities you engage with.

SeerBridge offers a unique and effective range of services that provide essential knowledge into how to improve community engagement and all developers should be adopting this approach. Their ability to engage with communities to maximise tangible and measurable community benefits is something that has changed how we at Eutopia Homes approach the local engagement process. We have re-instructed SeerBridge on our latest scheme as their social value lead approach to engagement, has only added real value to our processes

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